Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar…On Wheels.


The BarCycle is a 14-passenger quadricycle that is built to party. This open air “party bus” has bar stools lining both sides and a back bench for riders to sit on.  The bar stools also happen to be bike seats with pedals at your feet. Riders work together to casually pedal the BarCycle around the Soulard neighborhood stopping at bars whenever a thirst needs quenching. It is the perfect vehicle for bar crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company outings, graduation, cardinal/rams/blues games, brewery tours, charity events, and so much more.

The Barcycle is actually a giant handcrafted bike with a top speed of 3-5 MPH. Every tour is led by an experienced driver who is in charge of steering and braking. All of our bike bars are equipped with speakers and a cooler to keep your beverages.

A private pedal pub tour is the perfect option for large parties of 8-14 people, especially bachelor parties and bachelorette parties. We can tailor the tour based on your interests for an awesome bar crawl experience. Or join a public tour and make new friends along the way.

BYOB friendly.  Bring your own beer and wine to enjoy while you pedal the town.